1. We are bound to practice and spread the aims as accepted based on Ambedkarite principles
  2. To organize students in school and colleges
  3. To agitate for progressive values essential and suitable in education
  4. To create attentive students to various issues in the modern world
  5. To develop good character students in order to create a healthy society
  6. To instill among girls students self-confidence and values of leadership and security
  7. To nourish and prorogate values of equality among men- women
  8. To help students and struggle against to relieve them of any suppression due to hostel accommodation, education expenses , etc .
  9. To extend special efforts towards development of students in rural areas
  10. To agitate for relaxation and facilities like scholarship to backward classes and economically backward students
  11. To establish and nourish friendly relationship with parties and organizations operating beyond educational sector so that a society based on values of equality be created
  12. To develop students into a responsible citizen capable to for a political role
  13. To establish links with areas of political Science, sociology, Aesthetics and philosophy helping make than able towards and with the help of Ambedkarite approaches
  14. To agitate for implementation of democratic, scientific and Comprehensive equality in education
  15. To organize campaigns, seminars, study- centres, forums and print for eradication of caste-system , fanaticism, class-system and inequality between man-woman
  16. To keep oneself bound for growth and enhancement of personal character
  17. To agitate for facilitation of scholarship, comfortable stability in fees for hostels so that those who are left behind due to caste hierarchy are taken into the mainstream
  18. To agitate for establishing educational facilities to rural and economically weaker students
  19. To struggle for establishing welfare norms to ensues tree higher education and study material at affordable rates
  20. To stand for implementation of reservation policy for girl students so that their educational hindrances are removed
  21. To stand against all those who exploit women and treat them with hatred and low- esteem
  22. To strive to terminate religious conflict among students and also organize them to stand against religious and caste-tribe based conflicts
  23. To strive against corruption in society and educational sector, as the new imperial economic policies are against SC/ ST and OBCs further endangering sovereignty of India
  24. To help those who are caught in natural calamities, foreign attacks, riots etc
  25. To develop friendly relationship with other democratic associates and progressive organization in the country those who are fighting against caste-system, fanaticism, class-system and inequality, among men-woman
  26. To put in honest efforts to materialize general as well as broader on particular goals with the help of those who have been taking great pains to eradicate caste-system, fanaticism, class system and inequality between men & women, and also take help of other democratic forces supporting a noble cause & back them up for mass movements
  27. To support all such people and organizations for Global Peace against War, Environmental Protection and a Comprehensive Global Equality & extend brotherly co-operation
  28. To struggle for ensuring employment or any other enterprise or demand for allowance to unemployed

Motto / synonym of the organization:-

Educate- Struggle –Organise

The Flag:-

Design: Horizontal Rectangular

Proportion: One & Quarter of width

Colour : White and Blue

Symbol : Ashok Chakra & a Fountain Pen in the middle of a Book