1. Any individual who has attained 16 years of his / her age and a student in school / college or university campus of the organisation can be a member
  2. Membership shall be suspended / cancelled if:
    1. The member fails to submit annual fees
    2. He / she has completed the educational tenure
    3. Dishonest actions / thoughts towards policies of the organization
    4. Charges of corruption such as financial or moral, etc
    5. He / she turns out to be a barrier towards functioning of organization

Right & duties of the Members

  1. Every Member shall have right to his or her own representative or to become one (through election ) to express his / her opinions in seminary held by the organization.
  2. The Members shall have a right to resign before the body.
  3. All the members shall remain bound to execute at different levels the policies determined in the conventions / seminars. Every member is also duty-bound to spread the policies and frame work of the organization. Every member shall be an active part of a journal / weekly, etc. run by the organization for study, popularity / spread and sale.

Disciplinary Actions

  1. Disciplinary action shall be taken against those who violate / act against the aims, objectives, policies and programmes of the organization.
  2. It is possible to allow such members for introspection purpose for this shall be to correct one’s manners and actions.
  3. Disciplinary action shall be progressed through– Notice/ Instruction / Public Face / Demotion / Suspension and Rustication / Debarring from the organization.
  4. The local committee shall execute such disciplinary actions
  5. The members over disciplinary matters bear right to explain their manners / behavior.
  6. Debarring of any member needs approval from a superior committee functioning then and there.
  7. The aggrieved may appeal to the superior committee if any, or to the Central Executive Body.

Structure of the organization

  1. Convention / seminar
  2. Execution body
  3. There shall be different associations / institutions functioning under the bearers of this organization

Convention / Seminar

  1. The Seminar shall be in its best appearance.
  2. State and Regional conventions shall be held once in two years or three years
  3. District level conventions shall be once in a years
  4. City, Taluka based convention general meeting to be held once in 06 months
  5. Unit level Convention general meeting once in 03 months
  6. Topics/ Themes / Subjects and its presentation shall be decided as final only by the convention. There shall also exist an organizing cum executive committee as well as a presiding body
  7. The members shall have to submit their suggestions regarding subjects and presentation for the convention a month before to the Executive Members of the organization. The same shall be forwarded for further consideration to all the units
  8. The convention shall also decide, taking into consideration happenings of the past / current year, program plan for the next year
  9. Audits shall also be presented to the convention
  10. Convention is authorized to fix number of members and their election
  11. For any untoward conflicts, Secret Ballot Voting or Representative Voting system shall be used to decide the executive body.


  1. Executing body stands authorized / superior during two convention
  2. Decisions passed in conversion shall be implemented through / by the Executive body
  3. Executive Body shall formulate rules in consonance with the constitution to frame all progreamme plans
  4. There shall be at least 03 general meetings of the Executive Body and notice of which shall be circulated to all members before 15 days. A meeting can be invited also within 02 months also if proposed and persuaded by 1 /3 of the total members of Executive Body. Decisions made with an attendance of half or more members shall be deemed as final
  5. Any vacancies,arising due to any reason shall be filled in by the Executive body only
  6. The Executive Members shall have to pay Rs. 50 as membership fees annually
  7. Executive Body can also form and approve various sub-committees from time to time
  8. Executive Body shall decide 01 President, 01 Secretary, 01 Treasurer and 02-03 Organizers and Vice- Presidents proportionate to actual numbers. Secretary and Treasure shall be responsible for total expenses and its outlay
  9. Executive Body shall appoint an Editorial Board for the newsletter of the organization
  10. Executive body meetings shall be headed by the president in absence of the president, the secretary shall preside over
  11. Conventions shall be held only as decided by the executive body only
  12. Executive Body is authorized to suspend / debar membership of any office bearer for his /her misbehavior


  1. The organization may offer affiliation to other organizations / associations functioning in other regions / areas/ educational institutions provided they are ready to follow and remain bound to the aims / objectives and constitutions of the organization as in force and also have a minimum number of students
  2. All the affiliated students’ organizations shall collect from their respective members Rs. 10 as annual membership fee and Rs. 02 shall be deducted from the same per member as affiliation fee to the ( parent ) organization
  3. Executive Body shall cancel affiliation of any such student organization which do not maintain consonance or act against the aims, objectives, policies and constitution of the (parent) organization. These units have a right to seek pardoning of the same. Proposal for cancellation of affiliation needs to be presented before the annual convention


  1. Any amendment /s shall be proposed and executed only in National Convention only
  2. Any member whosoever wishes to suggest/ propose for any amendment is required to notify the same to the National / State Executive Body a month before
  3. Any such amendment initiated and realized by the Executive Body also needs to be circulated to all the constituents a month before the convention
  4. Amendment /s need /s to be approved by a voting of 2/3 of the total members present and voting in convention


Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Students’ Organization Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur

Established – 14 April 1981